BETA Critical Self Reflection and Feedback



Kiana is currently creating a Digital Artefact podcast where she discussed the “issues of cyberbullying and online harassment within online and multiplayer gaming”.

Kiana addresses a lot of feedback in her beta from online platforms such as reddit in relation to her first podcast. It’s disappointing and concerning to read some of the feedback people say, although as mentioned Kiana’s use of a face to face beta presentation was ideal due to the sensitive content she was discussing.  The only thing I could really provide critical feedback on Kiana not providing discussion or links of further engagement with current or future scholarly texts in which she hopes to use.





Hannah is looking into the corruption mod, focusing on Nintendogs, navigating basic care of duties and documenting changes in structural elements effected by the mods. Hannahs Beta was thorough and well laid out, in hand I found it seemingly difficult to respond critically to her beta.

My feedback related to her potential ability to provide dot points in her presentation so there are guidelines to follow along to as sometimes she speaks quite quickly.

Aside from this, I provided positive feedback, highlighting the successful things Hannah is doing in the DA thus far.

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Julias post was extremely well written and laid out, therefore I found that providing feedback on this beta was extremely hard to do as Julia has thoroughly thought out and research her DA appropriately. The only thing I commented on was a link which could help benefit her when it came to posting her future Youtube videos to reddit for feedback.

Screen Shot 2019-09-25 at 5.39.24 pm



I looked at each blog post as if I hadn’t done any prior research to the peers DA, although had an understanding of the weekly readings and key terms. In comparison from the pitch critical reflections I found myself in a position of great knowledge of scholarly articles as well as DA progression and engagement due to the feedback given by Christopher Moore in my pitch.

Many of the DA’s which I provided feedback on, were so substantially produced and displayed with such thought and quality and thus the extensive amount of research conducted in each blog made it a lot harder to provide critical feedback on. I mainly able to comment on future possibilities of their DA’s and how they could to aim to reach a larger audience through engagement and understanding of their topics.

Furthermore my engagement with scholarly texts was highlighted in each comment, besides Julias, due to her already extensive research, my comment provided feedback related to the link provided. Additionally, the beta feedback taught me that I am able to critically self-reflect on myself and others in a positive manner to help improve both mine and my peers life skills and obstacles.

I do believe that these comments improved in overall feedback and engagement, with scholarly articles and the blog post and video itself. Overall, this experience has allowed me to engage with me peers and not feel worried about discrediting my peers or making them frustrated about the comments provided. For future references I believe I would be able to strengthen my feedback if further research was to be down on key terms associated with video games.

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